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Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same or my mom calling me from the living room?

Led Zeppelin’s Song Remains the Same or my mom calling me from the living room

Whenever I used to listen to Song Remains the Same growing up, I’d often have head phones on for optimal volume and the song gets to that part after he goes “Everything that’s small, has to grow…And it’s gonna grow, push push” and then there’s like Robert Plant yelling “yeah” but it’s kind of fading into the mix.  

Led Zeppelin's Song Remains the Same or my mom calling me from the living room?, faith in the fallen, FITF, ROCK!

And every time it sounded like my mom yelling my name from the other room and it would force me to press pause and yell, “What!?”

I was listening to the Song Remains the Same last week and I was reminded of that. 

Come see Faith in the Fallen perform in October and November:

Friday, October 13th at QBar Darien

It’s Freaky Friday with Faith in the Fallen at Qbar. One of our favorite places to play and always a great time!   

Q Bar Darien is located at 8109 S Cass Ave in Darien – Here’s a link to their Facebook Page and Website.
We’ll be rocking the night with our new friends in Stone the Crow and Hard Gravity! 
Doors at 8:30 pm
Music Starts at 8:45 pm
8:45 – 9:25 – Hard Gravity
9:45 – 10:25 – Stone the Crow
10:45 – 11:45 pm – Faith in the Fallen
$5 cover!
Come out and support local music – Have some fun, some drinks at one of the great local venues

Click here for info on our Facebook Event! and for updates along the way!

Friday, November 10th at Underground Lounge in Chicago

Holy cow!  Finally coming into the city limits to play a show. Been too long so we can’t wait to see our old friends who can’t make it out to the suburbs!

Just got this show going so we’ll be updating more, but we’ll be rocking with Umber,  Final Dissent, and In2 The Inferno!

Our friends at Badass Productions put this together!  Looking forward to it.  Here’s a link to the Facebook Event. 

Doors at 8:00 pm – Show starts at 9 pm!  21+, $10/ cover – Northside Rockin time!

Stay tuned for more info!!



Guy, Charles, Jim, Dan, Scott



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FITF + Skinwalker Live September 9th!

FITF + Skinwalker Live September 9th!

Faith in the Fallen and Skinwalker are coming to Gilman, IL for Rock & Metal Night at The RighFITF + Skinwalker Live September 9th!, Faith in the Fallen, FITF, Skinwalker, The Right Stop, Gilman, Illinoist Stop!   We’re honored to be joining forces with Skinwalker for the first time — a great combination of original rock for your Saturday!  Going to be long sets w/ cool drinks!

8:00 Doors open
9:30 Faith in the Fallen
11:00 Skinwalker

Door charge is $5 and the show is 21+.  Friends and fans from the area, stop by!  Friends or fans from afar, stop in and stay the night!  Easy hotels off the expressway. 

If you’re not familiar with Skinwalker– Check them out on Facebook

And they have some videos up to – This is Preacher with a Flare Gun 

We hope to see some of you out!

We’re always working to jump on additional shows, but the next offical gig on the books is coming up on October 13 @ Qbar Darien.  Click here for show information!

August 26th Bada Brew! 

Thanks to everyone old and new that we saw at Bada Brew last week!  Had a great time playing with Unlikely Souls, Fivestar Fools, and Almost a Mob!  

Here are pictures from the night!

New Music in the Works!

We’ve started recording new tunes with Chuck Macak at Electrowerks Studio!  Looking forward to getting those done and sharing them with you.  A couple of our newest tunes, Darkest Days and No Tomorrow!  And an album idea in the works–we hope to get you some FITF tunage to amp up in the new year!

Don’t forget to share Gravity!  Or grab a copy online or in person!

You can download Gravity on the following online music stores.FITF + Skinwalker Live September 9th!, Faith in the Fallen Gravity

Pick up a or signature FITF jewelry at our merch table.  

Contact us if you’d like a shirt or ep in the mail!

Support and share the Gravity Lyric Video!




Looking forward to Gilman, IL September 9th!  C U SUNE!


-Guy, James, Scott, Charles, Dan

FITF + Skinwalker Live September 9th!

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FITF Returns To Stage!

FITF Returns to Stage!

Aug 26 – Faith in the Fallen, Five Star Fools, Unlikely Souls and Almost a Mob @ Bada Brew

After taking several weeks off for to formally grow our families, FITF returns to the stage starting August 26th!  We’ll be playing a showcase at Crest Hill’s Bada Brew.  Early start with all ages performances before 10 pm and 21+ after.  A great night of local bands in store:  

6:30 – Almost a Mob

7:30 pm – Unlikely Souls

9:00 pm – Faith in the Fallen

10:00 pm – Five Star Fools

Tix are $10 at the door.   

Bada Brew is located at 802-804 Theodore St in Crest Hill, Illinois 60403.   Hang out and have some fun with us.   

Click here for the official Facebook event for updates, more details, and to let us know if you’re coming!

September 9 – Faith in the Fallen & Skinwalker @ The Right Stop in Gilman, IL FITF Return to Stage, Faith in the Fallen, FITF, Skinwalker, The Right Stop, Gilman, Illinois

FITF are taking the act to central IL with our homies in Skinwalker.  This is going to be a hell of night of hard rock / metal.  We’re going to party hard at The Right Stop and you should too!  It’s in your life contract!  

This is a great pairing.   Follow this link to listen to Skinwalker and you’ll see what we’re talking about!  

8:00 – Doors open
9:30 – Faith in the Fallen
11:00 – Skinwalker

This show is 21+ with a $5 cover

Here’s a link to the Facebook Event.  Let us know you’re coming!


Oct 13 – Faith in the Fallen, Stone the Crow, & Hard Gravity @ Q Bar Darien

One of our favorite joints. Join us as we headline the night with some great local bands. Show starts at 8:30 pm and we’ll be closing things out at 10:45 pm! Click here for show information!

More info and event stuff to come!

We’re really looking forward to getting back on stage and doing what we love.  Join us.  We’ll see you there. 


-Guy, James, Scott, Charles, Dan


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