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What’s missing in the Chicago Music Scene?

So the band has had numerous conversations about The Scene in Chicago over the last few months.  We here it from numerous other sources outside of Chicago too.  Just the other the The Forge internet radio station was talking about the Chicago Scene pretty much lacking in live music.  We play all over the city, suburbs, really anywhere.  But it seems as though the last few years have been pretty lame when it comes to getting people out to not just our shows but shows in general.  Has the general population in and around Chicago abandoned live music?  We see a decent amount of people out at shows but we really want to help The Scene and get as many as we can out to ALL shows.  What are bands doing or not doing to get you out?  Are we just too busy these days to commit to a few hours of live music?

We do this because we love it.  We love making original music and sharing it with whoever will listen.  There is nothing more exciting than hearing a new song come together in band practice for the first time.  All you think about is “Damn, can’t wait for people to hear this!”.  The only way for someone that isn’t in a band to experience that magical moment is to go see live bands.  You never know when you might discover the next band to make it.  You will be amazed to see the talented song writers and musicians that walk among us every day.  Sometimes when we are at a show I get blown away seeing the talent that we share the stage with.

Do us a favor, go see live music.  Help support The Scene.  Its usually a pretty cheap night if not free.  You can experience some great music, meet some awesome people and disconnect a little bit from the fast paced world we live in.  Make sure to catch us when we open for the Pat Travers Band on 6/7 at Mojoes in Joliet.  And also make sure to join us when we tear the stage up with Amicus and The Citizens at Bobby Mcgee’s in Chicago Ridge on 6/28.  You definitely don’t want to miss that one!


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The Citizens Join Faith in the Fallen and Amicus 6/28 @ Bobby McGees

We want to thank The Citizens for stepping in to fill a slot on 6/28 at Bobby McGee’s in Chicago Ridge, IL. Faith in the Fallen had the pleasure of playing with The Citizens back in February at Silvie’s Lounge in Chicago. Check out The Citizens, Amicus, and yours truly Faith in the Fallen on Facebook, Twitter, and their own websites.  This show will be one you don’t want to miss!

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Pat Travers Band @ Mojoes

Come check us out when we open for The Pat Travers Band at Mojoes in Joliet. You can get tickets directly from us. Just email us at [email protected] or hit up any band member! See our shows page for more info.

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