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The Scene: Paragon Rock/Reggae that kicks all forms of ass!

Since we started playing shows on a regular basis, we at FITF are amazed at the number of top notch bands playing original rock music in the Chicago area–north, south, east, west–and even slightly beyond those borders in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan–the list goes on.  It’s a challenge to find them, for sure.   As both a band and as individuals we’re listening to a lot of rock music already, but in most cases, had we not shared the stage with some of these bands we wouldn’t have realized they were out there.

But we know there are people out there hungry for new music, new bands, new places to go to see original music–the types of shows where you can have a great night out doing what you love and not break the bank.  And Faith in the Fallen wants to support The Scene and be a part of it.  Not exactly sure how to be make that happen, but if we can contribute where we can, it’s a start, and we encourage others to do the same!    One of our good friends Rob Salem from The Forge has a great set of articles on his blog which you can find here: Rob’s Rants: Episode I – Your Scene Sucks, And It’s Your Fault.  Radio shows like the Forge are highlighting groups and shows that often get overlooked.

So how can we give back?  Well for starters…recognizing these bands and telling everyone about them.  I don’t think there are enough bands out there promoting not only themselves but other bands as well.  It’s unfortunate.  Maybe they think it’s all about competition and if they hype up another band then theirs won’t get some attention.  Well Faith in the Fallen thinks that’s a load of B.S.  The more we come together and connect people with the music that they love–helping promote the bands we play with, the bands we stumble across, the bands that someone else told us about…HELPS…The Scene grow in some small way.

So wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about Paragon.  We had the opportunity to play with them at Penny Road Pub back on 11/14/14 (pics) with Another Black Hour and Monk 9…and we haven’t been able to stop talking about them since then and their downloads have found space in our mp3 rotation!

The musicians; Nate Emetti vocals/guitar, Kiel Tredrea guitar, Tragic johnson bass, Frank Suda drums play from their souls at any venue no matter the crowd. Passion and addiction to this craft satiates their need (and ours) to hear a pure genuine new sound.
Like this one that when played live is a great one for crowd interaction!

Paragon – Supposed To Be (listen below!)

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Paragon we suggest you do so.  Not only is the music great but their live show is one of the better we have had the chance to play with.  The emotion coming from their performance makes you stop and listen, you try to watch everything.  From the awesome riffs, to their bass player grooving through the whole set, my god their drummer is intense!  And vocals are instantly ready to sing along to (Not to mention Nate isn’t too shabby on a guitar too! )   Visit their site – give them a listen, go see their shows, pick up an album, you won’t be disappointed.  Another great band that was around you the whole time, and now you know it.

Paragon Website:

Paragon Facebook:
Stay in touch with us as we share some of our other favorites this year!

And don’t forget to visit Faith in the Fallen at Chicago Heavyfest next Saturday, January 31st @ 8 pm at the Debonair Social Club in Chicago! (Facebook Event Link)

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Find new music that’s all around you

So this town in Italy really wanted the Foo Fighters to come play. This guy is organizing a 1,000 fans to simultaneously play the Foo’s “Learn to Fly” to raise enough money to get a FF show. I’ll give him credit. It’s pretty creative. Here’s the link. Apparently there were two other times people crowd sourced cash to get the Foo Fighters to play. Do you know how to crowd source your favorite local bands to play a show? Well its actually easier than the stunt above….you just GO SEE THEM. That’s right. There is a plethora of local bands right under your noses that grind it out week in and week out playing shows all over your area. They don’t need crowd sourced funds to play, they need a crowd. They do it all on their own dime….gas to and from shows, gear, their own advertising, the time and energy spent actually writing their own music and rehearsing. Heck some bands (unfortunately) still pay to play. Do you believe that? They actually pay clubs and promoters to let them get on stage and perform, and to let their fans, friends, a family, whoever come to the club and spend money on cover charges, drinks, food, etc. Again…the bands PAY for that. It’s that messed up in the local scene right now.

However there is a very easy solution to this. Go discover the awesome new music that is being played all around you pretty much every night of the week. Don’t think you have a lot of music around you? I urge you to ask someone you know that plays music, or search on Facebook, Google, pick up a local newspaper. Believe me they are there…and they are wanting to share with you. I know, I know…”But I have to give up a couple hours of my time to drive out there, pay a couple bucks to get in and listen to a bunch of other bands I don’t like?” Well shame on you if you can’t spare a few hours, the few bucks? Well you spend more at McDonalds on a value meal. The other bands you don’t like? I can tell you playing shows I have found some bands that are simply amazing and it was worth sitting through the bands still “getting it together”. You see the Foo Fighters weren’t always the Foo Fighters. There was a time they were all just out playing the local scene scraping friends and family together to come see their gig. And now people are crowd sourcing funds to make them come play their town. The music is there you just have to support it.

Faith in the Fallen’s next show is on 12/27/14 at Bobby McGee’s in Chicago Ridge, opening for the crazy talented Michael Angelo Batio.

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The Forge

Taking the scene back!

The Forge is an internet radio station run at Indiana University Kokomo and hosted by Rob Salem. Rob and The Forge have an itch to scratch, and that itch is getting music to people, finding a ton of great bands in not only the midwest but across the country. Rob kicks all major forms of ass. Not only did he find us on the internet but he insisted on putting us on his show and now plays Faith in the Fallen’s song Fallen on regular rotation. The guy even made it a point to swing by one of our shows since he was in the Chicago area that weekend. Top it off he is just a good guy. Check him and The Forge out at, on Facebook, and now their own WordPress site!

The Forge with Faith in the Fallen

Rob Salem of The Forge with Faith in the Fallen

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