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We Need More Deep Thoughts Please

We Need More Deep Thoughts Please

Guy Schingoethe Will Take Advantage Of Website Section that Bears His Name

So, Dan Dobbertin, Rhythm Guitar player for Faith in the Fallen put together this website and included a special section…one that would provide a platform for me to share my Goethe musings.   And yet, aside from one of the greatest Haikus ever written and a killer local round up (like…5 years ago), I have not taken advantage of it. 

Well fear not!! That will change starting today.    And I think I’ll do my best to use this section of our site to share some…

We Need More Deep Thoughts Please, Faith in the FallenBand news? Okay – Well if you haven’t heard, Charles welcomed a new daughter into his family in June.  And Dan is getting married Friday, so we’ve been off the grid for the past several  weeks, but…


  • Aug 19th – We’re going back to studio to record a couple new tunes!
  • Working on confirming some dates in Aug and Sep and we’ll share when we formalize.  But we are playing October 13 at Q Bar Darien stay tuned. 
  • We posted a new live video of us doing Slither.  Take a lookWe Need More Deep Thoughts Please, Tad, Faith in the Fallen

So, what else was I thinking…i could use this blog to discuss things such as…

  • Why the Karate Kid is a perfect movie
  • Bands that I’ve always loved, like AIC or strangely discovered and loved like Tad.
  • Wierd ass concerts like Corey Feldman and the Angels 
  • Band member appreciation videos with my puppet friend Tree Beard
  • And maybe more…Deep Thoughts

w/ Guy Schingoethe

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FITF May 19 – Valparaiso, May 27 – Oak Forest

FITF May 19 – Valparaiso, May 27 – Oak Forest

Faith in the Fallen, Walk Among Us, and 3 Legged Dog at Big Shotsfitf-may-19-valparaiso-may-27-oak-forest, Faith in the Fallen, 3 Legged Dog, Walk Among Us, Big Shots

May 19 – Dan Dobbertin’s favorite show of the year!!  That’s right, we’ll be rocking at Big Shots in Valparaiso playing with 

Doors at 8:00 pm.  FITF kicking things off at 8:30!  Tix are $5 at the door or in advance by clicking here

Big Shots is located at 391 W US Highway 6, Valparaiso, Indiana 46385.  Come on out and hang out with us all night!  

Click here for the Facebook Event information.


Faith in the Fallen, Blackmarket Democracy, & Endgame at Rocking Horse Saloon in Oak Forest!

Coming back at ya one week later and kicking off Memorial Day Weekend with a kickass local lineup featuring Blackmarket Democracy and Endgame!  21+ Show.  Doors at 8:00 pm.  $5 Cover Charge. 

Faith in the Fallen will be kicking things off.  Followed by Endgame and Blackmarket Democracy headlining!!

Here’s a link to the Facebook Event.  Let us know you’re coming!

fitf-may-19-valparaiso-may-27-oak-forest, Faith in the Fallen, Blackmarket Democracy, Endgame, Rockin' Horse Saloon, Oak Forest

Thank You Covered in Thrash and Stu and the Nods!

It seems like we’ve been busier than sh…something!  But we had a great time rocking Bada Brew with Covered in Thrash and Stu and the Nods.  Great bunch of guys.  We rocked without our brother Dan Dobbertin, but he was there in spirit.  

And for those who were planning to come out to Twisted Rose in Algonquin on April 22, we’re sorry but we had to cancel.  A little too much drama and uncertainty with that venue leading up to it, so we ultimately passed.    But heard it was a great night featuring American Zer0s and Praise the Fallen!  (So either way…there was a Fallen there that night!) 

Congratulate our Band Members Next Time You See Them

Big family news for the Faith in the Fallen family!  If you hadn’t heard drummer Charles Bacani welcomes his 5th child in June!  Congratulations to Charles and Sarah!  Amazing work!

And congratulations to Dan Dobbertin and Jannike Jorgenson on their engagement and upcoming nuptials!   So as you’d expect we’re going off for a little bit, but expect to find us back in the mix in July / August! 

Other ways to catch Faith in the Fallen until then…

Lead guitarist Jim Pape has been active all over the Chicagoland area.  You can catch him at some open mics, but he’s also booking some cool rock shows.   You can catch Jim Pape’s solo stylings next at the AMB Fest June 10 at Penny Road Pub in Barrington.  The festival is all weekend – here’s a link to the event

FITF is also working on some “lite” shows in June.  So stay tuned!

Pick Up Our Gravity – EP – Online or at a Show! Get your FITF T-Shirt!

fitf-may-19-valparaiso-may-27-oak-forest, Faith in the Fallen, Merch TableDownload Gravity on the following online music stores.

Pick up a T-Shirt  or signature FITF jewelry at our merch table.  

Contact us if you’d like a shirt or ep in the mail!

Support and share the Gravity Lyric Video!

Hope to see you all soon!  Thank you for your support. 


Guy, Scott, Dan, James, Charles

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The Sleeping Giants

The Sleeping Giants

I have a question for every self-respecting radio station DJ, Program Director, and it’s subsequent ownership: are you aware that Chicago (according to is the THIRD largest market in radio? Because if you are, you are complicit in the demise and ruin of radio in my fair city. For that, I say “SHAME! SHAME ON YOU!” History will show at one time Chicago was a major player & influence in rock n’ roll radio. 50,000 watt blowtorches like WLS and WCFL ruled the airwaves, not to mention innovative and downright kick-ass rockers like WKQX, WMET, WDHF and the imitable WLUP set the standard for rock radio. This isn’t a blog about the history of Chicago radio (save it for another day) but it does give a point of reference. What happened to the great personalities and innovative programming for which Chicago radio became famous?

Local music. Original compositions. Innovative rock stylings.

Call it whatever you like, but truth be told, Chicago radio has all but forgotten what makes up the Chicago “sound.” I rarely listen to Chicago radio anymore unless I have to – at work or in the car. Outside of an abundance of “classic rock” radio, there’s a handful of country stations (don’t even get me started on THAT) and a few Top 40/Alternative/Trip Hop/Dubstep EDM stations. There is a place for all of this music, but there is quite a bit missing, too. Local music has been relegated to a lonely hour at best on WXRT, or a short-shift program on the low-end college or high school stations. The Blues, an essential part of rock music, fairs even worse. One only has to go out and explore the local rock or blues or metal scene to see there is a boatload of talented bands & musicians playing some great, innovative new music. It’s exhilarating and big, huge fun! Bands like Donkey Hotel, Black Bear Rodeo, Faith in the Fallen, Blackmarket Democracy, Paragon, The Mike Wheeler Band….the list is a long one. So why isn’t there at least one radio station that will support these artists?
The question is too important to try to answer right here, right now, but goddamn it, you can bet Tommy & Crage are going to a shine a big, fat light on it. It starts with local live shows, the scenes & bands you need to see and where to catch them….stay tune, we’re just getting started!

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