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Declaring Trouser Snakes

Declaring Trouser Snakes, Hawaii, Trouser Snakes, Faith in the Fallen, BewareDeclaring Trouser Snakes

When declaring vegetables and animals upon entry to the State of Hawaii, I think it’s pretty funny to declare a Trouser Snake.   But the state of Hawaii doesn’t find that funny at all.    I learned that the hard way.  I still thought it was pretty funny though.

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Deep Thoughts…with Guy Schingoethe.  





FITF Upcoming Schedule: Faith in the Fallen, Hawaii, Trouser Snakes, Declaring Trouser Snakes

August 19th – Recording New Tracks

August 26 – Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL – Details to come soon!

September 9th – Gilman, IL w/ Skinwalker

October 13th – Q Bar Darien w/ Stone the Crow and Hard Gravity.   Click here for details (FB event to come. )

More show information and other fun details as they arrive. 


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The Magic of Dobbertin

The Magic of Dobbertin#themagicofdobbertin, Faith in the Fallen, The Magic of Dobbertin

A brief retelling of the Magic of Dobbertin touching an every day life…

It was July 16th.  Less then a week before he would be married.  As we sat and briefly discussed the A/V for the event, I said, “I can always bring my wireless mic as backup.” 

“You know what?  Yes.  You should. Just as a back up.” 

And I dutifully wrote my note.  Little did he know, he had sprinkled his Dobbertin magic.

It had been almost 4 weeks since I had lost my keys. It’s okay.  For some reason I have two key rings with almost the same keys on them, so I could still get in and out of everywhere, but it did cause me to annoyingly have to request my wife’s key to get into her car on an almost daily basis.   What was frustrating was, I had just lost them 10  weeks prior.  And had found them five weeks prior before losing them again…What was going to happen?  The future uncertain.  My path blurred.

FITF Band News

Faith in the Fallen has shows coming up.  We just confirmed September 9th in Gilman, IL with Skinwalker.  More details to come.

We’ve confirmed Friday Oct 13 at Q Bar Darien.  

Working to confirm some August.

Listen to Faith in the Fallen

It was the night before the event and talking with the A/V person I offered to bring my wireless mic as a backup (as was requested by Dobbertin).  “Sure.  Probably won’t need it.” 

“Yeah, you’re probably right.”

It was the day of the event and I was preparing to depart.   As I looked through my notes, I saw, ‘Bring Wireless Mic…as back up’– just as he requested.   The Magic cut through any wall of uncertainty and doubt.  I walked downstairs to grab and pack my Wireless Mic case.    Stepping towards it I noticed the case unzipped.   I opened the top.  My keys were sitting there inside of my wireless mic case. 


Taking it as a further sign I brought the case with me to the big event.   I looked at the AV set up.  Although we had the wireless mic, the mic stand did not have the correct size clip.   Could we get by?  Yes.  But there was no need.  Because inside my wireless mic case, was a clip. I walked to my car and accessed the clip. 



I’ve heard him whisper…”Listen to Faith in the Fallen


Deep Thoughts…with Guy Schingoethe

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We Need More Deep Thoughts Please

We Need More Deep Thoughts Please

Guy Schingoethe Will Take Advantage Of Website Section that Bears His Name

So, Dan Dobbertin, Rhythm Guitar player for Faith in the Fallen put together this website and included a special section…one that would provide a platform for me to share my Goethe musings.   And yet, aside from one of the greatest Haikus ever written and a killer local round up (like…5 years ago), I have not taken advantage of it. 

Well fear not!! That will change starting today.    And I think I’ll do my best to use this section of our site to share some…

We Need More Deep Thoughts Please, Faith in the FallenBand news? Okay – Well if you haven’t heard, Charles welcomed a new daughter into his family in June.  And Dan is getting married Friday, so we’ve been off the grid for the past several  weeks, but…


  • Aug 19th – We’re going back to studio to record a couple new tunes!
  • Working on confirming some dates in Aug and Sep and we’ll share when we formalize.  But we are playing October 13 at Q Bar Darien stay tuned. 
  • We posted a new live video of us doing Slither.  Take a lookWe Need More Deep Thoughts Please, Tad, Faith in the Fallen

So, what else was I thinking…i could use this blog to discuss things such as…

  • Why the Karate Kid is a perfect movie
  • Bands that I’ve always loved, like AIC or strangely discovered and loved like Tad.
  • Wierd ass concerts like Corey Feldman and the Angels 
  • Band member appreciation videos with my puppet friend Tree Beard
  • And maybe more…Deep Thoughts

w/ Guy Schingoethe

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