FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review

FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review would have to start with a major thank you to our friends and families for their support in 2016.    That’s everybody involved who help make it happen for Faith in the Fallen on stage and off.  Of course, a thank you to our wives (or soon to be…??) and children for their unwavering support.  And our pre-band friends who love to support livFITF 2016 Annual Rocking Review,, Faith in the Fallen, Group Rocke rock music as well as supporting their homies on stage.  And all of the many new friends we got to know at shows and online this year.     Also a big thank you to the venues and promoters who have welcomed FITF to their stage in 2016.    And it goes without saying, the bands we’ve had the pleasure to rock with.    

As we enter 2017, we found it heartening to document the FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review in order to remind ourselves of the many cool accomplishments this past year.    

So let’s start with…the bands and the shows:

Find links below to the groups, check them out and show them some support in 2017.   

Since forming our current line up about 4+ years ago we’ve tried to perform at least once a month.  So despite a couple of haywire cancellations in 2016, we just about made it there.    Be on the lookout for more performances in 2017 at a club near you!   

What else happened in 2016?…  

…Recording, mixing, and mastering the Gravity EP.   Although, we had recorded a couple of demo eps in home and professional studios in the past, we were FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review, Faith in the Fallen Gravitynever fully satisfied with the final product.  Our goal entering the studio in 2016 was to partner with a studio / producer who would be able to put themselves in the bands shoes and become a partner in the process.  We got that and more by connecting with Chuck Macak at Electrowerks Studio.     And with that we spent most of the winter and spring working on the EP.    We finished the mixing and mastering in June and began hustling to finish our cover art and CD production. 

Pick it up at the next show or Gravity is available on all of your favorite online music stores

New Logo anyone?FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review, Logo, Faith in the Fallen

We worked with Rob Salem–rocker and rock advocate–among other things, from Indiana.    Thanks to his design work, FITF has a new band logo and type set that allowed us to put the finishing touches on the Gravity EP.  

Merch suckas:

As we closed out 2016, FITF finally had soFITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review, Faith in the Fallen, Merchme diverse merch to share with the fans.   CDs, T-shirts, Stickers, Jewelry (earrings, bracelets– Thanks Sarah!) and more to come in 2017.    

Not to mention, Gravity is available on all of your favorite online music stores

Contact us if you’d like a shirt or ep in the mail!

Support and share the Make Way and Gravity Lyric Videos!

FITF on the air:

We’re always grateful to the number of local and online radio stations that play local / unsignFITF 2016 Annual Rocking Review,, Jim Pape, Faith in the Fallened bands.  In particular, in 2016 special thanks to Aldis Snow at 103.9 the Fox for including Faith in the Fallen on The Garage local show, multiple times this past year.   More recently, thanks to Marija at 95 WiilRock for introducing Gravity as one of the 420 hits of the day in December.  And thanks to the listeners who puffed us through.  Thanks to Tim Lamping for including us on a couple of Local Loft podcasts including interviewing the band in March.  And thanks to Xtreme Alchemy and Rock Rage Radio for including us on the roster. 

So that’s the FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review.  What did you think? 



Rock for Brandon…well…ROCKED!FITF 2016 Annual Rocking Review, Scott Guzik, Faith in the Fallen

Late to the party, but what a great time Rock for Brandon was on December 3rd.  Really powerful night featuring some great music for a great cause.  We want to thank Patti Vinezeano w/ Bad Ass Entertainment and the Hale family for including us in the event.  Thanks to the Brauerhouse Lombard for hosting.   Also thanks to Terry Murphy who was on hand taking high quality shots of all of the bands live.    

FITF aside from members making personal donations during the evening donated 50% of its merch sales to the cause, which ultimately ended up being an extra $50.  

If you haven’t checked out any pix yet, here’s a link to our Facebook album of the night

2017 Shows on the Books!

The FITF 2016 Rocking Annual RevieFITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review, January 28 at Bada Brew, Faith in the Fallenw continues into…2017!  FITF has started booking shows with dates coming up in January and early February: 

January 28th 

Bada Brew in Crest Hill, IL

FITF will be rocking with Deadman’s Hand, Boneshaker, Old Style Rascals, and The Last Generation

Doors at 6:30 pm.  Music starts at 7 pm.  $8 at the door.    FITF goes on at 8 pm.  

Here’s a link to the Facebook Event for additional information!

February 10th 

Q Bar in DarFITF 2016 Annual Rocking Review,, Rhythm section, Charles Bacani, Dan Dobbertin, Scott Guzikien, IL

FITF will be rocking with Dragonfly Red and The Pirate Electric

Doors at 7:30 pm.  Music starts at 8:30 pm.  $5 at the door.  FITF kicks things off at 8:30 pm.  Here’s a link to more info. 

We’re working out more dates and we’ll be in touch!

Thank you for reading the FITF 2016 Rocking Annual Review and being a part of our 2016.  C U in the future.  Which is now.  Or until the next word gets typed. 


— Guy, Scott, Dan, Jim, Charles

FITF 2016 Annual Rocking Review,, Guy Schingoethe, Scott Guzik, Charles Bacani, Faith in the Fallen