New Song – No Tomorrow Streaming and Free Download

Faith in the Fallen’s new single No Tomorrow is live on the FITF Reverbation Page.  Free Download Available for the next week!

Good morning Faithful!  It gets less and less fun to post…”New Tunes Coming”, but it’s February 16th 2018 and we’re proud to share our newest single No Tomorrow on our reverbnation page.  To celebrate we’re offering a free download for the next week and we hope you’ll take a listen and start rocking it all spring and summer long.   Thus,  New Song – No Tomorrow Streaming and Free Download
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This is a song that really came together for the band and was a lot of fun for the whole band to arrange (from Guy’s perspective…cause I’m writing this…but let the other members concur as they feel the need) It started with James bringing the memorable opening riff to rehearsal and as we blocked it out, each of FITF’s voices  had the opportunity to make contributions to the final product.  

James also brought the title to the table…No Tomorrow.  Songs and lyrics can evoke different ideas and feelings from everyone, but lyrically, as I put pen to paper on this one, the mantra of No Tomorrow was at the forefront.  What does it mean?  For me, it is trying to live in that moment on stage with all of the guys surrounding me, the audience watching, putting everything else to the side…and…instant refill.   In this context music, but that energy in the moment is everything for anything. 



No Tomorrow

It’s time to…RISE.   We’re here to speak again

It’s powerful persuasion. Forcing the moment’s hand


I couldn’t tell a lie, Right to your face. 

You need to take your time, But I don’t have the space.  The gap is closing in…Can feel it calling


Breaks me down, Silencing the sound, your time is coming

No Tomorrow

Alive in the Light, Eternalized, I’m flying

No Tomorrow


Comes…Discoveries are group debate.

We’ll plant the message, speak the word before it’s all too late.


I couldn’t tell a lie, to another friend.

Expecting a goodbye is just around the bend…Energy breeds alike a twin, I hear it howling.


Breaks me down, Silencing the sound, Your time is coming

No Tomorrow

Alive in the Light, Eternalized, I’m flying

No Tomorrow

Breaks me down, Attracting the sound, The time is coming

No Tomorrow

Caught up in the light, paralyzed, I’m dying

No Tomorrow…..


Spotlight………….All Night………..Take Flight


Step in here you speak my language, I’m devoting this to you

Back and forth coming together, Witness lies, to live your truth

The safety of the mind space, (there’s) No reason left to hide

We’ll save ourselves from dying, By turning down the lights


Say those words, the myth is damning, this is what we struggle through

Without touch, without connection, Distance is an absolute

You and I, we need each other, Don’t forget what family is

Falling down, down, down, down, down to the abyss.  


We hope you enjoy it.   Rock out to it, share it, We’ve got more tunes to release soon!  And No Tomorrow will be available on Itunes, Google, Amazon, etc, etc, etc –  soon so stay TUNED!


— Guy, Dan, James, Charles, Scott