Faith in the Fallen’s next show is February 21 at Cobra Lounge. We were fortunate to jump on this bill because it’s a chance to share the stage with a couple of fantastic groups we had the chance to play with last year—Driven Under and Blackmarket Democracy. So it’s great timing to be able to write about these guys and share some of their music…because they were both on our list to begin with!

Driven Under—it’s in the title—Hard ‘Driving’, straight up kick ass rock.

As mentioned, we played with them last Spring / Summer at Another Hole in the Wall—with Emperors and Elephants and Tantric. Before that show, we had been hearing their name all over the place. They’re set DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Talked with their Bass Player / Vocalist, Brian Yelm, afterwards and since then, bumped into him at our show with Paragon this past November…And even later hung out with Brian and guitar player Ryan Reinking at Citizen Bar—Adam Miranda hosts a Chicago Musician Networking event on a monthly basis (Next event February 18th!)

Great guys (I think they just got a new drummer)! They are putting it all out there and are another example of the type of hard working, high quality bands that the Chicago Scene is producing…(We are all over the place!)…As a band they’re not only representing on stage, but they promote and support other deserving groups throughout the area.

Driven Under just launched their new website in the last few weeks– You can stream a bunch of songs from there (we also have some embeded below from their Reverbnation page) and you can buy their single, The Bitter End on Itunes. They’re all good, but my personal favorite on the site is “The Devil in Me” (That’s Guy typing). They’re due to release their new EP this Spring—and we have high expectations for it!
Driven Under is doing a lot of things right. It’s a great time to get into a new group and support local music. You can say you were one of the first—and ticket prices were still reasonable.

Like we typed a week or so ago, FITF wants to be a part of helping promote and grow the Chicago scene! Looking forward to writing about Blackmarket Democracy and some of the other bands we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with.
On February 21, we’re also playing with Veritae and No Need to Adjust. We’ll share some more information about them before the show too.

Click here for info on the show and contact a member of Faith in the Fallen for tickets on Facebook or email us at [email protected].